Paper Lampshades

Paper Lampshades
Plain & Printed Handmade Paper Pendant Lampshades manufactured by Inmark
Handmade Paper Lampshades
These unique paper lampshades and Paper Lanterns have been designed and developed by designers at Inmark after extensive research and development. All shades fold flat and can be made into a three dimensional shape quickly.
Paper Pendant Lampshades can be made in plain white papers or prints.
All lampshades are made by hand folding and pasting. Each pleat and crease is painstakingly folded individually by trained artisans to give it desired shape.
Customers can contact Inmark with their color stories, concepts and designers and craftsman at Inmark can convert same into beautiful lampshades.
All lampshades are sold in attractive thick cardboard boxes with electric cord sets. Both CE and UL electric cord sets can be offered.